Know More About Sweat Rash And Treating It

Sweat Rash is a common skin ailment prevalent in hot and humid conditions, such as in the tropics characterized by skin and itchy rashes. It is more predominantly in children and infants because of under developed sweat glands. There are lots of other terms associated with skin rash like Milaria, prickly heat. Sweat rash usually develops under the arms, between the legs and the groin area where there is excessive sweat. Due to high moisture, fungal infection develops and leads to fungal skin infections.If neglected secondary bacterial infection may set in.

Sweat rash is common skin infection caused by Candida yeast infection. Symptoms of sweat rash include small red rashes called papules which may itch or more often cause prickling like sensation. These rashes may occur simultaneously at various parts of the body like face, neck, chest, under the arm, groin area and the scrotum.

Skin rashes may be associated with itching, tangling, burning, swelling and slight discomfort. Skin rash may be contagious or not contagious. Some skin rashes may be localized and some generalized. Some skin rashes are short-lived, some recurrent and some chronic.

Sweat rash treatment are generally quite basic which includes cooling the skin, keeping the affected part dry. Normally cool showers and loose fitting clothing usually does the trick. Also avoiding overcrowded, staying in the sun can be beneficial. Air conditioned or proper ventilation is necessary to avoid sweat reash. Calamine lotion is good treatment option for normal heat rashes.

If the skin is inflamed, treatment must be done both to relieve the inflammation and also treat the infection. Anti fungal agents are good to treat sweat rashes as they contain secondary anti bacterial properties that help to eliminate bacteria and fungi also. Most of these anti fungal creams contain hydrocortisone which helps down to soothen down the redness, itchiness and inflammation. There are lots of commercial anti fungal agents available in the market.

Even simple or treatable rashes can cause lot of frustration, especially if you do not know what to do, imagine rashes appearing on one fine day causing itchiness, burning sensation and you not knowing what to do. Self diagnosis is good if you had similar type of rashness before and most probably it would be the same one. It is always good to talk to your doctor or visit your health care professional if you are not sure about the type of skin rash.


Suing the Saudis – The Weekly Standard (blog)

The House of Representatives is currently considering legislation passed by the Senate that would change the law of foreign sovereign immunity in order to allow the families of victims of the 9/11 attacks to sue Saudi Arabia, where 19 of the 20 attackers were citizens, for its supposed culpability. Setting aside for a moment whether Saudi Arabia did have any contact with the terrorists—and it has vehemently denied that it does—the bill raises both policy and practical concerns. Congress should think carefully about the downsides of the legislation before enacting it, but if it does feel compelled to change the law, it should make sure that the real beneficiaries are the families of the victims and not their lawyers.

Foreign sovereign immunity is a doctrine that ensures that diplomatic disputes are resolved between national governments rather than in the courts. American courts have traditionally been very wary about impinging on the power of the other branches of the government to conduct foreign policy, and the United States gives foreign countries immunity from suit in the United States in order to ensure reciprocal treatment in foreign countries. The U.S. government does not want to find itself a defendant in foreign countries whenever the citizens of that country have a grievance arising out of U.S. foreign policy.

If Congress were to adopt legislation that pares back sovereign immunity for Saudi Arabia or any other countries, it should expect other countries to do likewise. Suddenly, the U.S. might find itself defending against claims by individuals in other countries who accuse the U.S. of engaging in what they define as acts of “terror.” This could include lawsuits in Pakistan or Yemen by families of victims of drone strikes, lawsuits in Syria by families of victims of airstrikes, or even lawsuits in Turkey by someone who claims that the U.S. has “harbored” Fethullah Gulen. The U.S. could also find that its soldiers, diplomats, and other personnel face liability for actions of the U.S. government.

It goes without saying that such legislation would strain American relations with Saudi Arabia and, potentially, many other countries as well.

Beyond the policy concerns, the legislation now before Congress presents practical problems as well. American litigation includes a broad right to discovery. That means that parties to a lawsuit can collect information both from their opponents and from third parties that might have relevant information. In lawsuits about acts of terror, such information will often appear in confidential or classified government information, including diplomatic cables and intelligence files. For example, in the case of the 9/11 hijackers, questions might arise about what the United States knew about them and what it told the Saudis about them. In mounting a defense, Saudi Arabia would likely seek this intelligence from the United States by way of a subpoena. By passing this law, Congress would be opening the door to discovery of sensitive American information. At a minimum, it will be forcing the government into contentious battles to preserve the secrecy of American information.

Another practical problem with any litigation is ensuring that the parties intended to benefit—the families of the victims—will in fact be the ones who will receive the bulk of any money paid out. There were thousands of victims on 9/11, and while many of the lawyers representing them might do so on a pro bono basis, not to mention a sincere desire to see them made whole, better prospects at recovery would doubtless attract more mercenary contingency-fee lawyers, who would seek a substantial percentage of any recovery. If Congress passes legislation that ends over two centuries of established law and damages political alliances throughout the globe, the net result should be something more than making a handful of trial lawyers obscenely rich.

The solution is simple: If the House does move the Senate legislation forward, it should include provisions to cap the amount that the lawyers can receive. For example, it could include a provision to cap the amount the lawyers receive at a small percentage of total settlements, say 5 or 10 percent. Or it could also acknowledge that lawyers pursuing cases on a contingency take on a certain amount of risk and limit the lawyers to no more than two or three times the cost of their actual investment in the case. With either proviso the money available would be still be ample enough to compensate lawyers without making the act a windfall for them.

If Congress really cares about the families of victims of 9/11, it will take steps to ensure that its legislation protects those families in a meaningful way.

Joshua Wolson is a partner with Dilworth Paxson in Philadelphia. Ike Brannon is president of Capital Policy Analytics, a consulting firm in Washington.

2 Tips for a Faster Metabolism and Passive Fat Loss

If you're anything like me, no matter how much fat you lose it never seems to be enough. Sound like how you feel? You just want to constantly exercise and get rid of every ounce of fat on your body? Unfortunately, that's simply not possible due to our busy schedules.

There is, however, a way to burn extra fat during your busy schedule. With a faster metabolism, you'll burn more calories on average during your ordinary daily routine. So how do you achieve a faster metabolism? Follow these two simple tips and you can accelerate not only your metabolism, but also your fat burning fitness goals.

Tip 1: Eat lots of food! Well not in terms of quantity, but more in terms of frequency. One problem many dieters run into is the starvation effect; they here that the only way to lose weight is to maintain a calorie deficit. This is only half true. If the dieter does not take in food often enough, the body goes into starvation mode and stores every last bit the dieter eats as fat. In order to achieve a faster metabolism, you need to eat 6-8 meals spread out throughout the day. If you begin to think you're eating too much food due to the feeding frequency, count your calories. The ideal number of calories for cutting fat is 12 calories per pound you weigh per day. Find that total based on your weight and spread it throughout the day in 6-8 meals and you're on your way to a faster metabolism!

Tip 2: Take advantage of the effects of high intensity interval training. If you're unfamiliar with this type of training, head over to the website in my bio and learn more. This type of training speeds up your metabolism tremendously. The added stress releases excess levels of catecholamines and growth hormone, your best fight fighting friends. Clinical studies show that base levels of these hormones stay elevated far above baseline for up to 72 hours after the session. By simply doing 15 minutes of intervals, you'll achieve a faster metabolism for the next 3 days!

How difficult is that? With a small manipulation of your diet schedule and 15 minutes of intervals every other day, you'll be burning more calories while you're watching TV than everyone else does while there at the gym! Use these two tips for the next month and watch your fight fighting efforts finally pay off.

Source by Daniel Broderick

Treating Scars on Face – Best Acne Scar Treatment Options for Facial Scars

Scars caused by pimples go beyond just being a physical issue. Studies show that they increase risks of depression, inferiority complex and social withdrawal. Hence, they must be treated by the most effective and safest technique. To choose the best method of treating scars on face, one must first know that the treatment depends on the kind of scars.

Acne scars are categorized according to shape. Generally, the “crater” types of scars include the ice pick, boxcar and rolling shapes. These appear lower than healthy or undamaged skin. There are also hypertrophic scars that appear elevated. The goal of treating scars on face is the following: to elevate the crater scars or to reduce the volume of hypertrophic scars.

For elevated scars, the popular methods are laser resurfacing and Dermabrasion. Laser resurfacing uses focused radiation to cut the scar-affected skin. The peeling effect will encourage the growth of new skin cells. Dermabrasion, on the other hand, uses a rotating tool with skin-abrasive coating. This will scrape layers of the dead skin of the scar. These treatments, particularly laser, can cause redness and pain for weeks.

Collagen injection and autologus fat transfer work for ice pick, rolling and boxcar scars. Collagen can be injected beneath the skin. This will level the difference between the craters and the face. The sessions of injection may need 6 months, but the results are excellent and long lasting.

Choosing a method for treating scars on face should be taken seriously. The mentioned techniques can be painful and expensive. Plus, they may take months before showing positive results.

Do you want to quickly get rid of your horrible scars and eventually have that Scar-Free skin you have always desired to have? If yes, then I recommend you use the strategies recommended in the: Scar Solution Guide.

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The Non Surgical Face Lift – Benefits of the EMS Technique

The desire to look and feel younger is prevalent across much of society, hence the growth in popularity of cosmetic surgery during recent decades. However, as the price of cosmetic surgery is still relatively high there is an increasing portion of the market that caters for those that want to look younger without going under the knife. One of these market sectors is the non surgical face lift. Methods vary from the use of Botox to thermage skin tightening.

One of the increasingly popular non surgical face lift methods is the EMS variety. Essentially this works by applying small, and gentle electronic stimulation to the skin which in turn stimulates the muscles underneath. According to research the facial muscles are some of the few in the body directly linked to the skin. This is why when facial muscles start to deteriorate with age they lose the ability to support the skin, subsequently causing wrinkles and sagging.

Whilst it may sound an extreme form of non surgical face lift, running an electric current through the face, most users report that the sensation is a small tingling that in many cases has been found to be relaxing rather than painful. This form of treatment has regularly been used to stimulate facial muscles, however it is only in recent years that it has become an element in cosmetics; in the first instances it was used by medical professionals to treat patients suffering from facial palsy. It was from these early uses that technicians started to note the improvements the treatment had to skin tone and texture, eventually realising the benefits this could have within the cosmetic industry.

Today the non surgical face lift treatments have come on leaps and bounds from the early experiments with palsy patients. EMS technology is now one of the standard forms of treatment, having been used within the medical and cosmetic spheres for over forty years.

Today the non surgical face lift industry is considerable; EMS technology forms a small part of the business but is rapidly growing a large market share. The reasons behind this growth in popularity are the major benefits; the gentle way in which it stimulates facial muscles, the way in which it enhances circulation in the face and finally the way in which it rejuvenates complexion and skin tone.

Source by Tom Pretty

Perfect Cheekbones Exercises

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Perioral Dermabrasion: Improving Wrinkles Around the Mouth

It's a startling fact that wrinkles around the mouth, sometimes called lipstick lines or perioral rhytids, can develop as early as one's 30s. Causes of these wrinkles are a combination of genetic influences, smoking, or sun exposure. To treat the deep lines and wrinkles around the mouth, many people today are choosing to undergo perioral dermabrasion, which achieves permanent results.

During the procedure, the physician uses a dermabrader instrument to resurface the skin to the desired level of skin treatment. Results are immediately visible; however, the treatment also stimulates skin collagen remodeling, which will take place over the following six months. This leads to firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin.

The procedure takes about one hour to complete, and can be performed in an office procedure room or an operating room under local anesthesia. Other procedures, such as a facelift, eyelid surgery, or laser skin treatment, may be combined with perioral dermabrasion.

When a patient receives perioral dermabrasion as an isolated procedure, he or she may go home immediately after it is completed. The area around the mouth will be healing for seven to 10 days following the procedure. Patients are given detailed instructions regarding how to care for the area. Most patients do not complain of any pain after the procedure. However, any discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter Tylenol.

About one week after the procedure, the skin will be completely healed, and patients typically notice an improvement in their appearance. The appearance around the mouth continues to gradually improve as the body builds new collagen, stimulated by the procedure. Redness fades over the following weeks to months, but makeup can cover this if necessary.

It's important to note that perioral dermabrasion is not the same as microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion does not help the lines around the mouth; it is performed by an aesthetician to remove the most superficial layer of dead skin cells on the face. On the other hand, dermabrasion is performed by a physician experienced in the procedure, who removes many layers of skin to penetrate its deepest layers.

Patients commonly ask if they can use dermal fillers for the lines around the mouth. Unfortunately, today's available fillers do not adequately treat these types of lines in all but select few cases. Also, fillers used to treat the area can distort the lip and smile, creating a very unnatural look.

However, in less severe cases, the neurotoxins Botox or Dysport can be helpful in improving the appearance of the mouth. Care must be taken when doing so in order to prevent distortion of the smile.

With any plastic color : as surgery procedure, it's highly important 's to choose a physician WHO COMPLETE is highly experienced and knowledgeable about Perioral dermabrasion and treatment of Perioral Rhytids in order to Ensure the best and Safest possible results.

Source by Jacob Steiger

55 years old need to lose weight? 5 Tricks to Reshape Your Body in 5 Weeks

55 years old need to lose weight or trim your belly? These tips work for any age.

Okay don’t panic, there are many different ways for you to lose that yucky unwanted weight, and along those lines there are also unhealthy ways to achieve this goal, but I’m going to go over 5 things that really works, and they will work for anyone, even if you’re 55 years old need to lose weight.

Okay, here goes…but first you must know that there are no such things as miracle pills and potions. Losing weight takes work and dedication to be successful with it, but doesn’t have to be a nightmare either.

#1 Eat more often (this is the easiest one) – It’s crucial to eat 4-6 small meal each day to keep your metabolism on high speed so your body will always be in fat burning mode all day, (even if you’re 55 years old need to lose weight).

Here’s a warning: skipping meals will actually slow up your fat burning system, and your body will hold on to the fat. (we don’t want that, do we?)

#2. Let’s Get to Work People on average don’t like cardio exercises at all, but it is a great way to burn the fat effectively and fast because it helps you burn more calories than you would if you were just dieting alone.

But don’t just run and hop on a treadmill for an hour or so. It’s really not that serious or necessary to burn the fat you are looking to burn. Walking can be an enjoyable thing when done slowly for about 45 minutes to an hour per day.

As a matter of fact, walking at a slow pace burns fat faster and more effectively, plus your body will continue to burn calories several hours after you’ve finished walking.

#3.Don’t Drink Calories

Liquid calories isn’t a good choice if you’re 55 years old need to lose weight. High calorie drinks includes any type of sodas (including diet sodas), alcohol, sweetened teas and juices with artificial sweeteners.

It sounds crazy but diet sodas may hinder your weight loss and actually cause you to gain weight. I started to drop close to 2 pounds per week when I stopped drinking these high calorie drinks, and that’s added to the extra pounds I was losing from dieting and exercise too.

#4. Super Foods: If you’re 55 years old need to lose weight, please make sure you’re eating 100% proper nutrition. Stay away from fad diets, as far as you can get. Diets like low carb, low fat, low calorie types of programs are also a no no if you want to truly lose weight and effectively keep it off.

These types of diets will decrease your metabolism and cause a yo yo type of weight loss. Concentrate more on good carbs, protein, healthy fats, 100% wholegrain, antioxidants, and vitamins/minerals.

#5. Another all natural way to quickly drop the unwanted pounds is to consider trying a proven program that will decrease hunger and naturally burn off the fat while flattening your stomach and reshaping your body at the same time.

Did you say you’re 55 years old need to lose weight?

I totally recommend “The Diet Patch” for this job, because first of all, all of the ingredients are natural herbs, you’ve got zero side-effects, and you can even try it for free.If you follow all the tips in this article, you will definitely start feeling more energized and looking your best in no time flat.

MASK HOUSE Diamond V Fit Mask: Nonsurgical Chin Lift, Anti-Aging & Face Slimming

Only $29.99

Avoids Accumulation of Chin Fat
V-Fit Mask contains BodyFitTM serum. It facilitates the decomposition of fat and prevents fat cells from accumulating.

No Puffiness
BodyFitTM serum can convert fat into fibrous tissue and ease the edema around the cheeks, jaws and chin.

Refine Facial Contour
BodyFitTM serum helps to boost the density of collagen and cell tension. Instantly lifting and firming up to 20%.

Safety Fat Burn
Every mask sheet contains Corum9235 which is an extremely safe warming ingredient. It can promote the absorption of serum and facilitate chin-fat burning.

Usage Instructions:

1. Take out and unfold the V-fit Mask sheet
2. Apply it on your face, with the larger parts on the cheeks and smaller parts around the upper neck, fixing the slimming band under the chin (colored part facing out)
3. Tighten the slimming band and adjust each hole for ears
4. Pull the head strap up and over the top of the head and fasten firmly
5. After 30-40 minutes, peel off the mask slowly from the edges
6. Massage the jaw and neck area gently until the remaining essence is fully absorbed

Package Includes:
1 x Box (5pcs Sheets + 1 Slimming Band)
Firms and refines the shape of the neck, chin, and cheeks – slimming the face and reducing the appearance of a “double chin” without the dangers or expense of surgery
KFDA approved ingredients – Safe and Irritant Free
Highly recommended by popular TV shows in Asia
Used by and praised among celebrities

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The Elixir Beauty Ana Rex Anti Wrinkle Face Slimming V Line Face Slim up Mask Belt Band Strap, Slimming, Lifting, Moisturizing

Only $12.20

The Elixir Beauty Ana Rex V-Line Face Chin Neck Fasical Skin Lift Up Belt Mask

Anti-aging Wrinkle Free Face Lift Up Mask Belt: Skin Friendly, Excellent Effect!, Durability!

2. Easy to Use: Just wear for 30 – 40 minutes while reading a book, using a computer, etc

3. Tightens up the Face and Neck, Lifts up and Minimizes the Face & Neck Line!

4. Size: Adjustable Belt fits for Most

5. Material: 3 Layered Structure (Nylon + Neoprene + Nylon)

How to Use

1. Wash your face clearly

2. Wear the Ana Rex V-Line about 30 to 40 mins until the face is moistured with sweat.

3. Wash your face again

1. Stop using this item temporary if there is lesion on the skin
2. If you have any problem with jaw joint, do not use this item or have a counseling with doctor first.
3. Do not apply this item for long time
Anti-aging Wrinkle Free Face Lift Up Mask Belt: Skin Friendly, Excellent Effect!, Durability!
Easy to Use: Just wear for 30 – 40 minutes while reading a book, using a computer, etc.
Tightens up the Face and Neck, Lifts up and Minimizes the Face & Neck Line!
Size: Adjustable Belt fits for Most.
Material: 3 Layered Structure (Nylon + Neoprene + Nylon).

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