How to Lose Weight, Face Fat and Flabby Abs With The Total Body Detox Program

Have you ever been called a fat head? If yes, then you need to do something about it. If you do not care, then this article is not for you. But if you truly want to know how to lose weight in face, you can check out my discovery to lose weight on your face and body using these tips.

How to lose weight on face and get rid of double chin?

I have read and received lots of tips about losing my face fat from people that are not fat at all. It's ironic is not it? The problem is, not only my face is fat, but so is my whole body, especially by stomach. I did not worry too much about the big belly because I wore my shirts all the time. However, the double chin fat cheeks really bothered me a whole lot because people usually look at your face more often than your abs.

A friend of mine who lost 31 pounds total and slim up his double chins told me that I should try some facial exercises. It is ridiculous because I have to make a bunch of weird facial expressions trying to lose weight on face and cheeks. I also drank lots and lots of water and start running up and down around my house for about 10 days. However, I was told that it is very good if you go through a total body detox diet program. It is meant to cleanse your system, flush out excess wastes, fats, and toxins in your whole body.

Keep in mind that during this time, I still eating the same food even though I have had like 10 minutes section of cardio 3 times a week. I also asked some friends that I did not see for the last month about my facial chances. They were so surprise about my chances that they thought I starved myself. I did lost 11 pounds in the 10 days drinking this cleanse detox diet lemonade and trying out the new Acai berry fruits. The lemonade recipe is lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper, and maple syrups.

Some found the I Cheap Acai berry supplements and juices for my snacks and drinks. It tastes great and I heard people say Acai is one of the healthiest foods in the world. The antioxidants and minerals in Acai helps cleanse the toxins stored in your colon, liver and intestines for years and years. That why I was getting fatter and fatter. It was not my fault.

Source by Don Richie

3 Fast Ways to Lose Weight When You Are Serious About Getting Fit

You are serious about getting fit? I am right there with you, this article reveals 3 fast ways to lose weight so you can see the changes very quickly and I will even discuss why fast weight loss has been found to be easier for many people.

Faster is better according to recent research done on how people behave. What the research showed was that regardless of whether you take small steps or big steps to lose weight you will have to go through some discomfort naturally associated with change. Those people who take small steps don’t see the results and get frustrated, on the other hand those people who take drastic steps see huge and very quick changes and they deem their work well worth the effort, so you are on the right track when you are looking for fast ways to lose weight.

1. Jump Start your diet. You can drop pounds fast by shifting your carbohydrate intake to early in the day. What this does is keeps carbs which are easy energy out of your diet in the afternoon and evening forcing your body to use alternative energy sources such as body fat ( a good thing!)

2. Diet strict for 6 days and then “cheat”. This is a concept you might not have heard of yet but it has the diet industries attention because it works. The old style of dieting had you keep your calories low continually and this became a problem as your body adapted and your fat-burning metabolism bottomed out.

The new way that accelerates weight loss is to keep your calories low for 6 days and then overfeed on day 7. This boosts your metabolism quickly and you get the near immediate benefit of a full fat-burning potential.

3. No more fooling around on your workouts. It is time to up the intensity of your work out. The old school steady state/steady pace workouts have gotten a face lift. To burn the optimum amount of fat you need to get your heart rate and breathing rate high for a period of time and then bring it back down again.

When you are serious about getting fit you will want to use these 3 fast ways to lose weight and maximize your efforts.

Liquid Cheek Lift-Plump Your Sagging and Sunken Face With Non-Surgical Facial Fillers

Full cheeks are classic signs of a youthful beautiful face. Sagging and sunken cheeks make your face look older and create a tired look. Mid face lift is one of the common plastic surgery procedures but the new non-surgical liquid cheek lift can create a beautiful full looking mid face in a matter of minutes. A new facial filler method called the liquid cheek lift. using Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm and others can plump and lift the sunken or sagging cheek with minimal discomfort and no down time. New facial fillers are a safe easy non-surgical way to have a liquid mid face rejuvenation and keep your face looking full and young.

What Causes Sagging and Sunken Cheeks?

Babies and young children have full chubby faces. That is because a structure called the malar fat pad rests firmly on top of the cheek bone in children and young adults. People often begin to think of a face lift after their face begins to age.

Skin aging causes sagging of the facial skin. Gravity pulls the face skin down as we age, and the malar fat pad slides down and into the face. The effect is a sunken cheek on and below the mid face where the fat pad used to be.

Another effect is fullness and sagging skin below the mid face closer to the nose and mouth. This aging and fullness also creates a fold of skin that hangs over the mouth, called the nose to mouth lines, nasal labial fold, or nasolabial fold.

As the sagging face gets worse, the skin folds fall down to the chin and jaw line area creating marionette lines and jowls.

What mid face rejuvenation should achieve

A young face should be round and full in the mid face; proper correction of the sagging or sunken mid face should create:

"A full, round plump mid face
"Correction of the sunken look
"Lift of the nose to mouth lines or nasal labial fold
"Lift of the mouth
"Lift of the marionette line
"Lift of the jowl

Non-surgical mid face lift

New facial filler injections produce a beautiful mid face lift. Facial filler injections with Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Perlane and other soft tissue fillers are safe, quick, effective methods to plump the sagging or sunken mid face with minimal down time.

A newer technique called the liquid face lift uses strategically placed facial filler injections in the mid face and on the zygoma to restore a youthful look. Results can be fabulous and you avoid the scars and risks associated with a surgical mid face lift. Benefits of the liquid mid face rejuvenation procedure are:

"Full round high cheek
"Correction of sunken areas
"Safe quick procedure
"No down time
"No surgery
"See a beautiful result immediately

How is the procedure done?

The liquid lift takes only a few minutes. Your face will be cleansed with a special anti-bacterial soap. Numbing cream is applied to the face to minimize any discomfort during the facial filler injection.

When I use the facial filler Radiesse, I actually mix xylocaine, an anesthetic with the Radiesse filler so that the midface area is numbed as I inject the filler. If I use Restylane, Juvederm or Perlane, I can not mix the anesthetic with the filler so I often give you a nerve block so that there will be no discomfort when I do the injection.

Many of my patients insist that I do not numb the area as they consider the injections cause minimal discomfort. The actual injection of the Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm or Perlane takes only a few minutes. The procedure is very quick, in my hands.

You will see your new plump youthful face immediately! No waiting for complicated recovery. Bruising is unusual with the facial filler injection in this area.

What does the procedure cost?

Facial filler injections can cost $ 400- $ 900 per syringe of filler used. Prices depend on the particular filler used, and the skill and reputation of the doctor doing the filler injection.

Typically 2-3 syringes of filler are used to do the mid face plumping procedure. More extensive full face lifting filler injections may require more syringes, especially if the jowl and mouth area are to be lifted as well.

Learn more about this remarkable technique. The new non-surgical facial fillers are revolutionizing plastic surgery and facial rejuvenation. Now you can restore or maintain a full young looking mid face with minimal downtime or discomfort.

Source by Brooke R. Seckel, MD, FACS

Best Exercises to Get Rid of Cellulite

Most women know what it’s like to have cellulite. It can be terrible to look into the mirror and find your skin orange peel on areas of your thighs, buttock or stomach; especially they are visible when you wear shorts of bathing suit. While cellulite is not dangerous, it is not surely nice to look at. Is it?

You probably won’t have to worry about cellulite problems when you’re younger. However, as you reach the 30’s and have a busy life that lacks regular exercises, this skin condition will start to show up slowly and surely. You need a proven exercise routine to eliminate this skin condition permanently, especially on the thighs. Exercises to get rid of cellulite, are there any? Of course there is. In fact exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of cellulite. It burns away the excess fat, and it also firms and tones the area helping your skin regain its elasticity.

It’s important to do exercise and this is an issue that many people forget. If you are trying to exercise to get rid of cellulite, this means you should be executing exercises that target your cellulite problem area. Because how to exercise to get rid of cellulite depends on where the condition is found on your body. There is not one form of exercise that fits each and every cellulite sufferer. Instead, the kinds of exercises you choose will be in keeping with the area of cellulite.

If you have cellulite on your thighs and on the back of your thighs and around the buttock area, exercises that you should be focusing on are: jogging or walking depending on your fitness and physical capabilities. Riding a bike is also extremely effective. If you have cellulite on your stomach and other parts of your upper body then swimming and calisthenics are probably the best exercises which tones most of our body muscles.

Exercise is one of the best ways of removing cellulite for good. But total reliance on exercise alone will see your results appear extremely slow, the exercises simply compliment the treatment of any problem by enhancing and speeding up its effectiveness and they themselves do not cure the disease. To get the best and fastest results you need to look at your diet, and look into purchasing your very own cellulite cream. Why should you take advantage of a cellulite cream?

Probably the best of cellulite cream on the market now is from Revitol. Revitol’s Cellulite Cream is a topical product you apply straight to the problem zones. Because cellulite is actually little pockets of fat under your skin, your blood circulation does not easily reach these areas. Revitol is 100% safe containing only natural ingredients. Revitol’s cellulite cream will not make you lose weight, but it will smooth your skin to reduce the appearance of dimples. Take action and reduce the appearance of cellulite now! Getting rid of your cellulite has never been easier; improve the appearance of your skin in one easy step: you just need to apply the cream 3-4 times a day and you’ll see the difference sooner than you expected!

Tips to Reduce Facial Bloating and Get a Chiseled Face

Chubby cheeks and double chins are cute on young kids but not on adults. Facial bloating is not only unsightly, but also unhealthy. Having a bloated face is a usually a sign of a weight problem. However if you are not overweight and your face is bloated, do not dismiss it as a quirk of your body that will eventually disappear on its own. Luckily, you can take some steps to reduce face fat and get a chiseled face. Follow these simple tips to achieve the best results without having to go under the knife.

· Be careful with what you eat. Foods that are rich in carbohydrates and salt make your body retain more water, and much of the water is stored in the face, hands, and ankles. To make your face slim down, you should cut back on your salt and carbs intake. That means you must eat less junk food (eg pizza, burger, chips, etc.) and more fruits and vegetables.

· Use slimming makeup techniques. Apply a little bronzing or shading under your chin and along your jaw line. This makeup technique will make your cheeks appear less chubby. Study the proper blush techniques to accentuate the positive areas of your face and to conceal the thicker areas.

· Get ​​a new hairstyle. Is your hairstyle flattering for your face? If your face looks round and your cheeks chubby because of the style of your hair, maybe you need to have your hair cut. Ask your hairstylist about the style that suits your face best.

· Drink more water daily. If you think drinking lots of water can make your cheeks bigger, think again. More fluid intake does not lead to facial bloating-in fact, the body tends to retain less water when you drink more. Make plain water your best buddy to lose face fat. Ideally, you must drink at least eight glasses of water daily. You can expect results in as early as a week after you consistently drink the right amount of water.

· Do some facial exercises. Performing facial workouts is the safest, most convenient, and most effective way to lose most of the fat on your face. These exercises offer a lot of benefits: they lift and tighten the face, tone the facial muscles, and burn fat in the chubbiest areas of the face. You can do facial exercises anytime and anywhere, and each one takes only a few minutes to perform! Invest in a facial exercise program; this little investment will surely be worth it in the long run.

· Try weight training. A weight training routine is an effective way to build muscles and to make your face firmer and more toned.

· Check the medications you're taking. Are you currently taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs? Chances are their side effects include water retention, and this is a culprit of facial bloating. If your medications have water retention as a side effect, ask your physician for alternatives.

If you follow these facial bloating reduction tips, you can finally say goodbye to annoying chubby cheeks and double chin and say hello to a sculpted-looking face!

Source by John Socratous

Retin-a Helps to Manage a Young Look With a Healthy Skin

Studies shows that there are infact two types of aging- one intrinsic or internal where aging is caused by genes and the other extrinsic or external where aging is caused by environmental factors such as exposure to sunrays. Whatever be the causes, the signs of aging are characterised by the following factors:

• Fine wrinkles

• Thin and transparent skin

• Sagging of skins to shrinkage of bones

• Dry skin

• Loss of excessive fat which leads to hollow of cheeks and eye sockets as well as loss of firmness in necks and hands that is distinctly visible.

The face is the most exposed part of the body and easily vulnerable to all the above factors. It is also easily susceptible to rashes, acne, rosacea, various kinds of allergic reactions and injuries that may leave permanent blemish and scars. But thankfully, there are a number of non surgical treatments available for individuals who want to eliminate imperfections from their skin. One such skin treatment is Retin-A which come in either cream or gel form.

Retin-A is most effective in patients who want to combat aging and eliminate scars from their skin, especially the facial one. It is prescribed for both old and younger individuals. Doctors recommend Retin-A for patients who are thinking of a chemical peel treatment. It works by thinning the skin’s outer layer, allowing the acid solution used in a peel treatment to penetrate the skin cells more deeply and evenly.

The initial application of Retin-A includes applying a small amount of medicine on the face after washing it with cold water or a mild moisturizer. It is suggested to apply Retin-A every night before going to bed. As Retin -A thins out the skin’s outer layer, it is always advisable to use a sunscreen during daytime to protect the skin from ultraviolet light rays and discard other facial cosmetics.

Though the degree of changes differs from individual to individual, but continued usage of Retin-A results in subtle improvements in the texture of the skin. FDA trials suggest that to maintain the benefits of Retin-A, one can continue to use Retin-A for a lifetime.

Although no serious side effects are proved till now, but after treatment it is normal to experience temporary skin irritation and redness during the initial stage. If this happens consult a doctor for he may recommend for a milder formulation.

How to Make a Thin Face Fuller With Fat Injections

The thin face, sometimes referred to as gaunt, can exist in both the young and old. It is seen more frequently as one ages with loss of fat in the cheeks and side of the face. But it can also occur as a normal makeup os some people's facial architecture even when one is relatively young. (Abraham Lincoln is the most famous example from an historical perspective, actor Scott Glenn and others are more recent examples) Known medically as facial lipoatrophy, it can also occur from certain diseases and medications. (Such as HIV) Fat replacement by injection is both a logical and a minimally invasive method for its treatment.

Fat grafting is becoming increasingly popular and is ideal for the gaunt face. Fat is harvested with a small liposuction cannula from a suitable donor site. The amount of fat needed does not usually make for a significant contour change in the donor site. So patient's should not expect that they will be getting an equivalent liposuction result elsewhere. I usually use abdominal fat harvested from inside the belly button. There is no scientific evidence yet that supports one donor site over another in terms of being better fat that will last longer after transfer.

The fat is prepared by removing loose liquids and impurities by washing and then spinning it in a centrifuge. It is then placed into syringes and injected into the desired facial areas through either the corner of the mouth, a crease in front of the ear, or within the crease of the nasolabial fold. The fat is injected in multiple small tunnels in a criss-crossing pattern if possible. The injected fat is then massaged around until it is smooth with no obvious irregularities.

Injecting fat into the face is a bit of an art form. In the gaunt face, the area below the cheek bones and into the side of the face are the most common. But other areas can be done as well including below the eyes and around the base of the nose. The amount of injected fat is relatively small with less than 10cc in each side of the face. It can be surprising how even small volumes of fat can make a significant volumetric difference.

This procedure can comfortably be done under local anesthesia, with oral or IV sedation if desired. Whether it is done in the office or an OR suite depends on which provides the best sterility and has the required equipment for fat harvesting and preparation.

The unknown variable in this procedure for every patient is how much fat will survive. One should not expect that 100% fat survival will occur. But the lateral face and cheek area are currently thought to be the most favorable with studies reporting up to 70% retention. My experience is closer to 50% so some overfilling is always done. What one sees at three months after treatment can be expected to be retained long-term.

In older patients that may have some loose skin in the jowl or neck, it can be combined with a limited or tuck-up facelift for even better results. While the fat does add volume and can help fill some lax skin, improvement below the facial hollows must come from skin tightening. I have seen some reports which tout that the overlying skin improves after fat grafting, suggesting that the new fat somehow rejuvenates aging skin. Some claim that its is the effect of the transplanted stem cells. I doubt that there are such effects but the underlying volume fill does stretch out the overlying skin and can give the impression of smoother skin.

Source by Dr Barry Eppley

Wrinkles On The Face Can Reveal People's Life Experiences

Sunday Post quoted the research report which said that the researchers had investigated 118 women aged 40 to 45 over the past 9 years and found that weight loss after the rebound, loss of loved ones, divorce, stress and other reasons can accelerate aging so that there are so many wrinkles on the face. This study was conducted by the UK consultant plastic surgeon Rajiv London Grover. Grover said: “We know children grow up fast. Our purpose of this study is to determine the aging process is gradual or in rapid fashion. Obviously, everyone is gradually aging, but the aging also can speed up under the condition such as weight seriously reduced, divorce as well as other miserable life experience.” Grover carried out the follow-up survey on 118 women and did facial measurements for each other, then they observe the facial features. At the same time, they considered the same period lifestyle and other factors to determine whether these factors speed up the aging process.

Convenient for the study, researchers will cut the face into three regions: from the forehead to the eyes, the eyes below the mouth, the mouth to the chin, the researchers used special tools such as vernier caliper to measure the location of eyebrows in the forehead and cheek fat, which should show the aging process. Grover said that the aging of the whole face is not leaps and bounds. Analysis showed that the forehead and chin area were gradually aging, however, in central face, the aging rate was astonishing, the cheek can be reduced up to 35% in a year’s time. The most important of leading to reduction in cheek and facial wrinkles was, according to researchers, unscientific approach allows women to weight loss rebound quickly after lose weight.

Christina McGovern divorced many years ago. She said that the rapid breakdown of the marriage was the reasons for her face aging. The results show that dismissal, divorce, loss of loved ones, illness, especially women with breast cancer and other factors can accelerate female aging at the age of 40-year-old to 45 years old. So how do you slow down aging? Grover said intake adequate vitamin D from diet can conducive to maintain the normal physiological function of skin.

How to Lose Belly Fat, Arm Fat, Hip Fat and Face Fat

A common misconception among those who are unsure How to Lose Belly Fat (and fat from other regions) is that fat can be depleted from a single area (such as the mid-riff) by doing exercises targeting that one area (such as crunches) . WRONG!

This method will simply strengthen and increase the underlying muscle if this area, it will not help to Lose the excess Belly Fat in that region.

What most people struggling with Fat Loss fail to understand is that body fat is put on proportionally around our body. For example, if a person puts on (or sheds) 20 pounds of Fat, it maybe deposited (or lost) primarily in the hips rather than the arms. This all depends on genetics, our postures and other factors.

In order to decrease the Fat in a certain area of ​​the body an entirely different approach must be taken. This approach must be in the form of total body Fat Loss as there is no natural way to target Fat Loss on just one area alone.

The positive aspect of Total body fat loss approach is that the Fat is usually cut from the area that has the most percentage of fat, which is commonly the most troubling.

Causes of Belly Fat


Eating Late night – This is a big No-No. What most people do not understand is that surplus energy from food in the body is stored as Fat. Fats and Carbohydrates as oppose to protein are in high energy.

So, these foods, especially late at night will be stored as fat instead of being used as energy because your very inactive and uses little energy (from sleeping!) Late at night.

High GI foods – These are foods which promote short spikes of energy follow by a severe dip in energy. This dip can result in us having a craving for the same high GI food stuffs throughout the day which can lead to our bodies having excess energy and as a result storing the extra energy as Fat.

Low GI foods are a better option as they they release energy slowly and do not settle as fat as much.

Examples of High GI foods: pasta, white breads, potatoes, sugary foods (biscuits, chocolate, cakes) etc.

Examples of Low GI foods: wholegrain bread / pasta / rice, oats, wetabix, green veg

High in Saturated Fat Foods – Obviously foods like burgers, fries, pizza and anything fried are bad for weight loss as there is a dangerously high content of fat in these foods.

Lack of Healthy Fats – Surprisingly, not all fats are bad for weight loss. Infact, a good dose of Fats high in monounsaturated and low in saturated fat can help to speed up weight loss, curb cravings, increase energy and improve overall health!

It is imperative though that the right amount for you is established so that you can effectively reach you Fat loss goal.


Your doing too much !! – Overdoing it is such a common occurrence when you are desperately trying to lose weight. This comes from emotions such as anger and frustration which make you unable to think logically. As a result you push yourself as hard as possible when exercising at a pace that is totally unmaintainable over a prolonged period of time.

When you give up this ludicrous intensity when exercising and see little results it usually results in despair and overall resentment of losing weight. To these unfortunate people I say consistent low / moderate exercise is the best!


Mind the company you keep – It is no myth that your family, friends and co-workers do have an influence on your health.

All the Best,

Kieran from Body2Shape

Source by Kieran Moloney

Get Rid Of Cellulite On Back Of Thighs – Natural Way to Get Rid of Cellulite and Have Your Sexy Legs

Get Rid Of Cellulite On Back Of Thighs

Cellulite otherwise known as cottage cheese legs is not acceptable by no one at all. For one, cellulite is ugly and can be very unattractive. Just image you have to go to the beach with all those fat deposits dominant in your legs and everyone is staring at you. How would that make you feel? Pretty embarrassing I would guess. But do you have to put up with all of that? The answer is no. All you have to do is to learn how to get rid of cellulite naturally so that you can have your clear and sexy legs again.

Just as with every problem, we need to know what causes cellulite in order to effectively eliminate it.

So What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite is caused by the fat cells that accumulate overtime and push against the surrounding connective tissues. They normally start appearing on the back of the thighs and bottom and can go to the hands and calves as well. Cellulite is commonly found in women but are are also frequent in some men as well.

How Do You Effectively Treat Cellulite To Get Rid Of It?

Below I will outline the 3 most important things you need to do if you want to remove cellulite from your legs and other parts of your body. They are: Get Rid Of Cellulite On Back Of Thighs

1. Proper Dieting
2. Regular Exercising
3. Using An Anti-Cellulite Cream

Proper Dieting – In order to reduce your cellulite, you will need to start eating healthy so that you can lose weight on a whole. Start by consuming more fruits and vegetables and say good-bye to fast food and foods rich in fats. Reducing your sugar intake is also very important since sugar will slow down your fat burning process.

Regular Exercising – This is were you will also need to do weight training and cardiovascular exercises. The aim is to burn extra calories to lose weight as well as to tone up your legs and thighs so that the cellulite will be less visible. If you can enroll in a gym, that would be a great option but if not, you can just tune in to the fitness channel and work out with your favorite programs in the morning.

Using An Anti-Cellulite Cream – There are various anti-cellulite creams on the market that contains natural ingredients that have been proven to eliminate cellulite overtime. These ingredients include: caffeine, Vitamin A and B, Aminophylline and Forskolin. All you need to do is to apply the cream to the affected areas twice per day. Doing that with proper dieting and exercises is the safe and natural way to get rid of cellulite fast. Get Rid Of Cellulite On Back Of Thighs